Roof Waterproofing

Waterproofing is used in construction of building structures. Waterproofing is a controlled environment which envelops the building. Waterproofing is used in roofing, walls, and decks.

We use the different coats in waterproofing. These coats are given below:

  • Roof substrate
  • Foundation coat
  • Fabric
  • Foundation coat
  • Finish coat
  • And again finish coat


Masonry and stucco surfaces are basic key points of the entry of water. We use the elastomeric material in our products. Elastomeric fabric has a major quality to fill cracks and tiny holes from where water can enter. This type of fabric provides you with smooth and watertight hurdle for masonry surfaces. The products which we use are flexible and that is why they can move with cracks and holes do not make them visible. It provides the excellent grip.

We use the traffic Coat system for roofs and decks. It absorbs the surface stress as it is very flexible to do this. We use deck system along with waterproofing. Deck system is a great combination with different layers. The layers are applying over the waterproofing to make it more strong and smooth. The traffic coat is applying over the finish coat two times and then Acrysheen sealer is applied over the traffic coat.