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There is a Reason Why Roofing Companies Apply White Roof Coating

Roof systems are applied with coatings for a reason. It is because they are cost-effective solution that extends the life of the roofing system. There are also other benefits from applying these coatings.

For instance, coatings allow a surface to be highly reflective. This is proven beneficial in lowering the temperature of the roof’s surface. With a lowered surface temperature, companies are able to reduce their cooling costs. Eventually, this leads to reduced overall expenditures.

Introducing the Cool Roof Coatings

Cool roof coatings are often found in their white color or special reflective pigments wherein the sunlight easily reflects. Being white roof coating, it is only expected that it comes with greater benefits that the non-cool roof type. Among these benefits is that it lets you save money in numerous ways such as in downsizing the HVAC equipment and extending the lives of the roof.

Roof Coating (White)

A white-colored roof coating is a reflective, elastomeric thermal barrier that waterproofs and protects the surface where it is applied. One characteristic that this roof coating has is a thick consistency. Properly applied white coating expands and contracts. Even in the most extremes of cycles, it still won’t crack, peel, chip, lift or bubble.

There are specific qualities that a white roof coating must possess before it is categorized as a premium product. Its elongation properties must be within the range of 375 to 400%. A quality white coating must have a high CRCC rating in areas including Thermal Emittance, Solar Reflective Index and Solar Reflectance. You can easily distinguish if a white coating performs appropriately if it comes with a warranty stating its ponding water and waterproofing coverage. If these qualities are not guaranteed, then one thing should only be done. Do not use the coating product.

A White Coating’s Composition

Generally, a white coating is composed of a binder that is blended with some pigments and other additives. Such wide options allow maintenance managers to have the freedom of choosing from a large selection of white roof coating products manufactured by numerous companies. Regardless of the company that manufactured the product, most of which are classifiable depending on the binder utilized.

These binders are made from silicone or organize compound. Most of them are elastic polymers or elastomers. Elastic polymers are used if they possess tensile and elongation characteristics. But, elastomers are used if the coating has the ability to return to its original shape after getting deformed or stretched.

Elastomers play an important role in boding the pigments used to stick on the surface. The most common elastomer binders used in white-colored coating are silicone, rubber, urethane, acrylic and vinyl. As for the pigments used, the most commonly utilized are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These pigments are the ones that give the brightest color in the coatings.

That’s what typically composes white-colored roof coating and the properties. If you want to ensure that you use a quality product, you may call the team for assistance!