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The Ideal Choices for Commercial Roofing Systems Based on the South Florida Climate

The region of South Florida is experiencing year-round warmth because of the fact that it is already bordering on tropical. Typically, the summer highs the region experiences reach about 90s while winter temperatures are in the low 80s.

Considering the summer high temperature, having cool roofing is essential to bring comfort for the people. However, this temperature in the summer is not truly the main issue in the region. It is the heavy rains that are experienced during the wet season. The challenge here includes providing the required protection of facilities against these heavy rains.

Fortunately, the company has covered this issue by offering developed commercial roofing systems ideal for such climate in the area. There is a range of available roofing systems designed for commercial installations. In South Florida, the top options always revolve around built-up roofs, thermoplastic, modified bitumen and white roof coating.

Built-Up Roofs

BUR or built-up roofs have been utilized in the US for more than 100 years. This type of commercial roofing system is designed and ideal for flat and low-sloping roofs. It is typically made by alternating layers of ply sheets or roofing felts which are called as reinforcing fabrics. These sheets are used to create that finished crust, which is also commonly called as gravel or tar roofs. This is built-up through the alternation layers of coal tar saturated felts, asphalt or fiberglass roofing sheets. As a commercial roofing system, it offers durability and long life span specially if installed carefully.

Thermoplastic (TPO, PVC)

Thermoplastic is used in a range of applications and is considered as one of the fastest growing commercial roofing systems at present. It comes in two types, the TPO and PVC, and both of which offers durability and a level of performance similar to what a heat-welded roofing system delivers. Between the two, TPO is the one offering high-wind uplift performance and puncture and hail resistance while PVC offers excellent chemical resistance such as greases, acids and oils. The latter serves as an ideal option for airport and restaurant applications due to its ability to resist chemicals.

Modified Bitumen

It is another asphalt-based system that is just like built-up roof systems. A fact about this commercial roofing system is it offers a range of benefits, which includes:

  • Being less brittle in cold temperature
  • Greater flow-resistance in warmer temperatures
  • Has more elasticity than built-up roof systems
  • Greater strength
  • Quality assurance in terms of its membrane production concerning control and consistency
  • Reduced labor in terms of installations

It can be applied in Torch Applied, Cold Applied, Hot-Mopped or with Self-Adhesives. The roofing material utilized in installing Modified bitumen roofing system is very lightweight, and it is entirely easy to maintain.

Roof Coating (White)

Roofing coatings are becoming increasing popular particularly in terms of prolonging the lifespan of metal and traditional roofing systems. The most common color of roof coating used for commercial roofing systems is white. White roof coating is the ideal choice because of its ability to protect the roof membranes. In result, it helps in lengthening the longevity of the roofing system. This roof coating is also the top choice because of its ability to reflect solar heat which allows lower costs in energy consumption.