Metal roofing is a good option for many homes in Miami. It stands up well to the high temperatures and sunshine. You may even find that it’s more durable than other roofing types during hurricane season. Before you hire a team to install your new roof though, check out some of the facts behind the myths that surround these roofs.

They Rust

Don’t be surprised if some people warn you against metal roofs because they claim that the roofs will rust. While metal does rust when exposed to moisture, the roofing materials used today stand up better to rain. To keep your roof safe and free from rust, work with metal roofing contractors in Miami like Grace Roofing & Sheet Metal to treat and seal it. They can add a protective coating that seals the metal against moisture. It will retain its color and remain rust-free for years to come.

Metal Is a Storm Hazard

Another myth is that this type of roof is a storm hazard because metal attracts lightning. You don’t need to worry about lightning striking your home and causing a fire. Metal is no more attractive to lightning than any other material. It’s just as likely that lightning will strike a tile roof as a metal roof. Your new roof can actually protect your family. It acts as a lightning rod that absorbs the electricity from the strike and moves it safely to the ground.

Your Home Will Feel Hotter

Some people shy away from metal roof installation because they think their homes will feel hotter. If you ever touched a car that sat outside in the sun for a few hours, you might imagine that your new roof will feel just as hot on a sunny day. The truth is that metal roof panels reflect the light from the sun to keep your home cooler. These metal panels do not absorb heat the way standard shingles do.

They Make a Lot of Noise

You might hear from people that metal roofing makes a lot of noise, especially when it rains. The truth is that you won’t hear much of anything, especially if you have soundproofing. Even if hail hits your home during a storm or a hurricane passes through, you should not hear any sounds. Many of the new panels that contractors use absorb noises better than ordinary shingles. You will not hear wild animals running across the roof either.

Adding a new roof to your home is a good way to boost its value. Most metal designs come with a warranty that lasts for 20 years or longer. Metal roofing contractors in Miami can help you choose a design that fits your home. They can also talk with you more about some of the myths you hear like how metal roofs make a lot of noise and retain heat. Find out if metal roof installation is the best choice for your home and get an estimate when you contact Grace Roofing and Sheet Metal.