Thermoplastic (TPO) roofs have become one of the most popular choices in recent years. But with that popularity has come confusion around TPO roofs. So, if you’re thinking about getting a TPO roof, here are seven things you should know to ensure you get an installation that will stand up to the test of time while providing value and savings.

1. Energy Star Compliant

Thermoplastic roofing is Energy Star compliant and can help you save money on your monthly utility bills. Thermoplastic roofing also has a high solar reflectance, which means that it’ll keep your house cooler during the hot summer and warmer during the winter months. This makes them ideal for all climates.

2. Lightweight

Thermoplastic roofs are highly durable, so you won’t have to worry about them for many years. If properly maintained, thermoplastic roofs can last up to 50 years. This means that if you have an older home with an out-of-date roof, it might be time to consider replacing it with a new one.

3. Strong

TPO roofs are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE). HDPE is a durable material that has been tested to withstand snow loads up to 50 pounds per square foot. The roofs last for decades without the need for replacement. TPO roofs are also resistant to cold weather, which makes them a good choice for areas where temperatures drop below freezing during the winter months.

4. Heat-welded Seams

Heat-welded seams are one of the most common types of construction for TPO roofs because they are durable and easy to install. The seams are heat-welded together by TPO roofing contractors in Miami FL. The heat makes them stick together permanently, giving you a seamless look that lasts for decades without chipping or cracking as other materials can do over time.

5. Puncture Resistant

Puncture-resistant TPO roofs are ideal for homeowners who live in areas with many tree branches or other items that could damage your roof. The material is made from a combination of plastics that can withstand extreme weather conditions and come with warranties that cover leaks and other damage caused by natural disasters.

6. Repairable

TPO roofs are durable but can still be damaged by hail or high winds. If your home suffers damage from a storm, call professional TPO roofing contractors in Miami FL, for TPO roof maintenance as soon as possible. Your TPO roofing contractors in Miami FL should use proper fasteners and adhesives during TPO roof maintenance. This will help ensure that it lasts many years without tearing or ripping, even in extreme weather conditions.

7. Cost Effective

TPO roofing is one of the most cost-effective roofing available today because it’s made from recycled materials and doesn’t require as much maintenance as other types of roofs do. TPO roofs also last longer than other roofs, so they don’t need to be replaced as often. This helps homeowners save money because they don’t have to replace their roofs as frequently as they would with other types of shingles or tiles.

Few people know the benefits and features of thermoplastic (TPO) roofs. If you are interested in the benefits of a TPO roof, contact Grace Roofing & Sheet Metal today.