Having a dirty roof can make your house look unappealing. Rain, wetness, and moist weather in Coral Springs, Florida can lead to the growth of moss and fungus and cause your roof to look unsightly. You really don’t want to be that house in the neighborhood that people point to and cringe at.

To ensure your home is clean and fit for habitation, taking care of the roof is also an essential part. Moss- and fungus-laden roofs not only create an unclean appearance but are also unhealthy for the building.

Roof cleaning is an important activity that involves eliminating moss, fungus, and algae, which can start growing rapidly if the conditions are appropriate.

Let’s understand the importance of roof cleaning.

What Makes Your Roof Unclean

Your roof is subject to the effects of the environment all day long, and dirt and debris can quickly accumulate on it.

If you live where rainfall is common, then dust usually gets cleaned by itself. However, you may notice dark stains begin to develop on the roof, which can start spreading really fast and make your roof look unclean.

The main culprits behind dirty roofs are algae, fungus, and moss. Algae are a bacterium whose primary source of sustenance is asphalt and limestone roofing.

They mostly survive in cold and damp areas, usually under the shade provided by a nearby tree or structure. If there is a lack of sunshine, the algae start to form in a blue-green color. Wind and animals generally spread algae spores, which thrive in shaded areas.

Moss is a plant that thrives in areas with a lot of humidity and moisture. If there is a lack of sunlight, you can expect a damp environment. These are perfect conditions that moss needs to survive.

Lichen or fungus is difficult to clean off roofs and usually reappears in areas with high humidity.

Roof Damage from Algae, Lichen, and Moss

Algae, moss, and lichen are responsible for damaging your roof through wood rot or shingle deterioration.

This can cause serious problems for your roof, such as reducing its lifespan and causing expensive repairs that can set you back financially.

The best option is to tackle roof cleaning seriously and take preventive measures that allow homeowners to keep their roofs clean year-round.

Shingle damage is caused by algae, which use asphalt and limestone as sustenance, leading to the deterioration of your roof.

Algae also absorb a lot of heat, which can increase the temperature in your attic and bake your shingles, leading to extensive damage to your property.

Lichen spreads rapidly, and its penetrating tentacles damage shingles, leading to expensive repairs.

Moss can cause the shingle edges to curl, which is the first sign that your roof might need repairs or replacement.

Since moss holds in moisture, you can expect it to seep into your wooden roofs, causing rot and water leaks.

Often, homeowners fail to realize how much damage has occurred because the moss gets in between shingles and hides the effects of wood rot underneath.

Small animals can also bite through wood rot and sneak into your attic to occupy it, which is another problem.

Professional Cleaning

Roof cleaning is not only important for aesthetics but also protects your home by extending your roof’s life.

Many homeowners may opt to clean their roofs on their own to save a bit of money. But this is not advisable nor profitable in the long run.

When you hire professional roof cleaners to do the job you can rest assured your roof is in good hands. Roof experts know exactly what to do to prevent future growth.

If you decide to use high-pressure washers to clean the growth, you can aggravate the problem and further damage your roof. Shingles may tear off, and wood rot might break apart if you use high-pressure devices, leading to more extensive damage.

Roof cleaning companies often use biodegradable cleaning agents, which are much better and healthier than using water and bleach.

Although bleach can quickly get rid of algae, it is harmful to the environment, especially if it seeps into sewage and gets absorbed by plants.

Preventing Growth of Algae, Lichen, and Moss

After removing the stains, you can take certain measures to prevent any future growth of algae, lichen, and moss.

Biodegradable cleaners effectively keep your roof clean and prevent growth entirely, which is an excellent addition to your roof cleaning arsenal.

You can also take other steps, such as cutting off tree branches that are providing shade on your roof and clearing off any debris on your roof, which might be contributing to the problem.

Exposing your roof to a good amount of sunlight and ensuring there is adequate airflow is another method to lower the chances of debris making its way in between shingles.

You can also take steps to clean out your gutter, as it is a breeding ground for bacteria and other spores that might make their way onto your roof.

Final Verdict

Professionals at Grace Roofing & Sheet Metal can provide the finest cleaning services in Coral Springs. Our services include adequately and thoroughly cleaning roofs of moss, algae, and lichen as well as minimizing any chances of future growth from occurring.

You should prioritize roof cleaning if you want your home to maintain its integrity and aesthetic appeal. Contact Grace Roofing & Sheet Metal for roofing services for residential and commercial properties. Call: 954 733-7332