You may often think that your roof is strong enough to bear it all. But that approach can get you in trouble, especially if you continue delaying roof inspections to assess their actual durability. Often, even occasional leaks can damage your roofs, and when disaster finally strikes in the form of a storm or hurricane, the roofs become pretty hazardous for your safety.  

Therefore, it’s safer to check for signs indicating your roof’s deteriorating robustness and, if needed, plan re-roofing to your existing one. A general misconception among house owners is that it’s an extensive renovation where you need to remove and replace the old roof with a brand new one. However, when you re-roof, you simply add a layer of shingles over your existing roof.  

Below are listed six essential reasons that highlight the importance of re-roofing. They explain how re-roofing can help you avoid serious roof issues and damages in the future. These tips can also help you understand how the roofing process works to assist you in making decisions accordingly.  


At first glance, layover roofing might seem expensive. However, the procedure is relatively a pocket-friendly investment that makes your roofs more durable. In addition, you don’t have to spend significant time looking for new roofs. This process is time-effective because you just need new shingles to cover the present ones.  

Better Support 

More shingles on your roof mean better protection of your roof. Layover roofing helps improve your roof’s durability to encounter lesser damage from rain, storm, or any disaster. In states like Florida, where hurricanes and high winds are always intense, ensuring your property receives minimum possible destruction is crucial. And re-roofing is one of the best investments to make this happen.  

Saves Future Costs  

You’d be surprised to know that frequent yet seemingly trivial roof repairs can accumulate to costs way higher than the one-time layover roofing. Plus, it’s a hassle to constantly contact roofing experts or try various DIY tricks to treat leaks and make do with the existing roof. Instead, it’s optimal to re-roof because it’s more rewarding and offers long-term peace of mind.  

Improved Insulation  

Often, you might experience higher energy bills even when you don’t feel your interior, ideally warm or cool. That can be due to gaps and cracks in your roofs, leading to ineffective insulation. That’s when going for layover roofing can do wonders for you.  

More shingles help seal the gaps and keep the insulation from escaping outside. As a result, your interior is more likely to feel comfortable. And as a cherry on top: you may even experience lesser power bills because of the reduced leakage.  

Enhanced Aesthetics  

Broken shingles or defective and leaky roofing can look unpleasant. Ultimately, regardless of how elegantly you design your interior, the exterior counts in the overall aesthetics of your property. When you re-roof your house, you attempt to hide the flaws and recover the appealing features of your land.  

In addition, you can choose from numerous colors, materials, and designs to enhance the charming vibes of your property. This means utmost personalization and a roof that matches your preferences.  

Value Addition  

When you apply an additional layer of shingles to your roof, that’s an investment that certainly pays off. It’s an effective value booster for your property and comes in handy when selling your area.  

Potential buyers are less likely to negotiate over the selling price because they understand that they will eventually benefit from the strengthened roofing and efficient insulation anyways. So, if you plan to sell your property in the future, going for layover roofing can be a wise decision for the present time.  

How Does Re-Roofing Work?  

As soon as you book your layover roofing appointment, the roofing experts first inspect your roof’s condition and the extent of damages. Then, they begin by tearing away old and destroyed materials to achieve a flat surface for the new layering.  

Next, they sark your roof to make it waterproof and safe from dust and rainwater accumulation. Once done, the contractors then install the new layers of shingles using safe and latest practices.  

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