Hurricane Season is Here – Is Your Roof Ready?

  1. I do not see any leaks – The fact that you do not see visible leaks does not mean everything is okay. The older your roof is the more you should be concerned. You should have a roof inspection at least twice per year to ensure that it is not deteriorating beyond repair and to catch damage before it becomes a serious problem.
  2. There are spots on my roof – Roof inspection and preventative maintenance go hand in hand. Preventative maintenance will protect you from avoidable expensive roof repairs. If you see spots anywhere on your ceiling, chances are, your roof is already leaking, and the roof damage is only getting worse. The good news is that most leaks are preventable if your roof is properly maintained.
  3. I Can Do it Myself – You may believe that you and your neighbors can carry out your own roof inspection. This is an ill-advised strategy. Besides, there is a risk of accidents to you, your family or friends. You also risk voiding any warranties and protection you have if you proceed to do it yourself. Your roof is one of your most valuable assets. Protect it the right way. Call a licensed roofing contractor to ensure that the inspection, maintenance, and repair are done professionally.
  4. I have a warranty, everything is covered – As with every warranty, there are exclusions and owner compliance involved in order to maintain a certain level of coverage. Roof systems are recommended by the manufacturers to be inspected and maintained in order to achieve their maximum life. Lack of maintenance can void roof warranties. Roofs should be inspected, maintained, and documented by a Licensed and Insured Roofing Contractor.

Grace Roofing & Sheet Metal Enterprise is a licensed and insured residential and commercial roofing contractor serving all of South Florida including Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami Dade Counties. We will perform periodic inspections, carry out all roofing maintenance work, and repair or replace any damage to your roof.

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