As the hottest and most humid months of the year arrive, you are burdened with managing more than the blazing heat and sweat trickling down your back. There are also the risks of thunder, monsoon, hail damage, and extremely high winds leading to massive roof damage. Now, that is another nightmare. 

Imagine coming home, dripping wet because of the rain, and thinking that you can finally feel cozy inside. But then you see the roof leaking, dripping water inside your home. Or worse, you’re looking at the high energy bills even though you didn’t really use your HVAC system much. And then you realize that the windy weather broke your roof’s shingles, causing cool air to go outside.  

Ugh. In short, lack of roof maintenance during summers can be nothing short of a nightmare that no property owner ever wants to suffer. The best way to avoid piling up such worries and hassles is by caring for your roofing throughout the summers. And if you’re new to roof maintenance or want tips to assist you, you’re in the right spot.

Below we present the fundamental summer roof maintenance checklist that works wonders for every homeowner.  

Let’s begin!  

Remove Debris  

Wind can usually carry dust, sand particles, twigs, branches, and other such debris with it which accumulate over your roof if not cleared regularly. The sharp branches can create holes in the roof and cause leaks at the most inconvenient times. Therefore, you need to regularly clean your roof throughout the warm weather, preventing debris pileups that could potentially weaken the foundation. That way, the roof can reflect sunlight and avoid overheating your property.  

Inspect For Mold, Moss, and Algae  

Mold growth is one of the most common consequences of improper roof maintenance. When leaving your roofing unattended for a substantial amount of time, you allow the humidity and moisture from monsoon and thunder to seep under the roof.  

And in leaking roofs the chances of mold and moss infestation doubles. Lack of sunlight and water buildup can eventually escalate algae contamination, further weakening your foundations, damaging more of your shingles, and creating health hazards for the residents.  

Trim The Greenery  

As summers approach, you need to ensure effective trimming if you’ve got trees and a garden nearby. The winds and thunderstorms can cause weak twigs and low-hanging branches to break and block your gutters and drains. And that’s a crucial reason for leaking roofs. 

Therefore, be it smaller twigs, fallen leaves, or bigger branches, you need to be on the lookout for them and trim away the dead ones to keep your roof as safe as possible.  

Fix The Shingles  

The heat during summers can cause roofing materials to expand and contract throughout the day, depending on the temperatures. The displacement of shingles can often cause a few of them to fall or break away. In addition, high winds or old age of your roofing can also result in missing, misplaced, or broken shingles across your roofing.  

That’s hazardous because it can lead to several issues, including roof leakage, mold infestation, loss of cool air, and water damage to the ceilings. Therefore, you need to observe empty spaces and immediately fix the shingles to avoid costly repairs or expensive roof replacements.  

Clean The Gutters  

Air and rain can carry debris, leaves, and twigs to reside in your gutters. These can block the water flow of your property. The best hack to make your lives and roof maintenance easier is by cleaning the gutters before summer, as spring ends.  

Seeds can clog your drainage and grow roots in summers. That can be complex to remove, especially with the monsoon season bursting in full blast. If you don’t want water damage and flooding inside your property, you need to ensure your gutters work perfectly, without a hitch, throughout the warm seasons.   

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