The holiday season is almost here, and among the most anticipated parts is preparing your home for future celebrations. These lights are the one constant in any Christmas display. Putting on holiday lights is always fun, but the party is over if you damage your roof. Here are the best pro tips for putting up Christmas decorations without damaging your roof.

Avoid Using Staples

Stapling shingles or other roofing materials create gaps and holes in the waterproofing seals. Even though this may not be sufficient to cause water damage, it can contribute to mildew, mold growth, and airflow transfer, which will drive up your heating costs in the winter and may eventually cause you to need roof maintenance.

Clip and Anchor the Decorations

Use plastic ties and clips instead of staples to keep Christmas lights and other decorations from dangling over the corners, minimizing the need for unnecessary roofing services. It’s best to do without the blow-ups and seasonal displays if you can’t find a way to place them safely on the roof without a lot of guy-wires to secure them.

Avoid Overloading the Roof

It’s essential to consider the weight of your decorations and displays before piling them onto the roof. The cumulative weight of a few more pieces here and there can gradually overwhelm your roof, putting undue strain on the supports, shingles, and other components. During your yearly roof maintenance, ask your technician’s input about what kind of decorations your roof can support.

Consider the Available Area on Your Lawn

If you are unsure if it is a good idea to decorate the rooftop or if you feel your roof cannot hold the decorations you had in mind, you may want to try decorating the grass instead. It doesn’t require a ladder, so it’s less of a hassle to decorate.

Using a Ladder

Obtain a suitable ladder for the task whether doing roof installation services for your decorations or cleaning your gutters. An extension ladder is the safest and most convenient way to reach the roof. A stepladder’s intended purpose is not to be used as a means of access to the roof; instead, it is for use in hanging lights and other displays from the eaves. You may get the most out of your ladder purchase by opting for a multi-use model that serves as both an extension and a platform.

Ladders should be in good shape and placed on level stable ground. If you want to access your roof safely, the extension ladder you choose must extend higher than it. When hanging decorations while standing on the ladder, don’t stretch more than your arm’s length allows.

Minimize Walking on the Roof

If you want your roof to last as long as possible and reduce the need for emergency roofing services, you should attempt to avoid walking on it too much. When you take precautions, though, spending a few brief periods each year on your roof will not cause any significant problems.

Use caution and a shoe with strong traction, walking softly. Working on a roof in direct sunshine, even on cloudy days, can cause the surface temperature to rise, so it is best to get the job done as early as possible.

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